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Will’s Story

Roll back to June 2016; I’m 26, playing football with my friends and trying to get fitter as the Uni years have taken their toll on me. Suddenly, my whole life changes as I fall over awkwardly and injure my knee.

This is then later confirmed that I had ruptured my ACL. Oh dear! Fast forward to July 2017, I’ve undergone reconstructive surgery in December 16 and the previous 6 months been attending physiotherapy to build the strength back up in the surrounding muscles in my leg. Unfortunately, after some initial  good progress, I had plateaued with my rehabilitation and come to a crossroads of what to do next.

Step in SPC

After an initial referral from a friend, I first spoke to Nathan to evaluate what I wanted to achieve. At the time, I just wanted to speed up the recovery time from the surgery so I could play football again. Nathan suggested that Michelle would be a perfect fit to get my rehab back on track. At first I was only planning on attending 2 personal training sessions a week but I could see even in the first week that I was enjoying everything we were doing so much, that I decided to up it to 3 sessions a week and I haven’t looked back since.

Personal Training at SPC

For the first 3 months, we solely concentrated on getting strength back into my leg. As the months progressed, it was obvious that I was getting stronger but as an afterthought, not much was changing on the scales. It was then in November 17 that I started to address my diet by tracking my macros which is when I really made progress with my weight.

At my heaviest I weighed 88kg and within the 18 months I had lost 20kg getting to my lightest weight since childhood.

2 years on I’ve not looked back. Better body composition and extreme boost in self confidence has all been attributed to the help and support of Michelle and the team.

All I can say is thanks to the SPC team for everything!

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