Sussex Performance Centre

Introducing: Harry Short

I combine my degree in Sports Coaching Science and knowledge of strength and conditioning to give my clients the best training experience possible.

Having started working at the SPC in September 2016 I have worked closely with Worthing College Academy athletes and private clients to enhance their sporting performance. I have over 7 years of experience working with a variety of athletes from various sports which has always provided me with a range of different, fun and enjoyable experiences.

Most importantly, I have strived to make a positive impact on the performance and lives of all the athletes I work with.

Away from the SPC I also work at the University of Sussex as a Rugby Coach. I am based there where I work closely with the men’s and women’s squads, both as a Rugby specific coach but also as a performance coach. I work with players to help them recover from injury, increase strength, speed and their all-round Rugby performance.

Although Rugby is my main sporting passion, most recently playing for Worthing Raider in National 2 South, I enjoy challenging myself in variety of different ways; Olympic lifting, rock-climbing, surfing, snowboarding and trail running to name a few. My most recent sporting pursuit is to compete in a Triathlon later on this year.

I believe that it is important to constantly vary and modify training in order to develop as a well-rounded athlete. With this philosophy I aim to constantly challenge all the athletes I work with and encourage them to aim be the best athlete that they can be.

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